Time Management

With VisionProject, you can handle the time recording quickly and easily

Time recording system during a project is indispensable. In addition to project times, it will record how long a specific project or a subtask related to that project was worked on.

Resource allocation

Resource allocation is a central part of all project related operations in large organisations. Efficient processes make it easier for organisations to select and carry out the right projects.

Time tracking

The Time tracking function makes it possible to log and manage worked time and also to have a total view of the allocated time per user.

Record hours worked

The project team members themselves can conveniently record the hours worked on any task.  This saves time and your daily work will be better organized. In turn it will enable better planning and coordinate your resource management and the utilization of employee capacity.

Project and account calendar

Use the calendar to view issues, meetings, sprints, contracts, releases and user unavailability. Upgrade your workplace planning skills by having all the activities gathered in one place for everyone!

Sort all views

The CRM module allows you to sort all views including the calendar. For example, you can choose to view only cases related to the user or company you are currently interested in. What did we come up with at our last meeting? When’s the next scheduled meeting? When does the contract expire? are questions that you no longer need to hold in your head, but everything is easy to find no matter which view you choose.

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