We are continually extending our network of partners to offer additional services for VisionProject. If you are interested in becoming a partner then just contact us to discuss what partner program suits you, either by emailing us on or by phone on (EU) +46 771 105000, (US) +1 800 495 9915


Referral partner program

As a Referral Partner to Visionera you will be able to introduce VisionProject to your customers and share a percentage of the revenues from your referred accounts.


  • All you need to do is to identify potential prospects, direct them to the VisionProject web site and to supply them with a unique Referral-code
  • All sales efforts and billing will be handled by Visionera

What do you get?

  • Increase your revenue easily, without having to handle the sales process, service or support
  • Keep your current business model intact
  • It is completely free to participate in this partner program


Value added reseller (VAR) program

The goal with the VAR Program is to provide our customers access to local expertise in their country; and to provide additional technologies and services from companies like yours.

Benefits for you?

  • You can sell your services and technology together with VisionProject
  • You get an opportunity to represent an extremely popular software

What do you get?

  • 25% discount when you sell VisionProject, to generate revenue on your end
  • Free access to our priority support program
  • Training, documentation and certification program is available
  • Customer referrals
  • Demonstration licenses (not for resale)
  • One free account in the preview/beta version of VisionProject
  • New product information in advance
  • Access to VisionProject Marketing material such as logos and presentations


OEM partner program

The objective for the OEM Partner Program is to make it clear and easy to team up with Visionera to offer new and innovative solutions to the market.

You can easily and quickly add value to the systems, software or services you offer, by bundling it with VisionProject. This will allow you to distinguish your products and services from the competition and maximize your profits.

Benefits for you

  • VisionProject is a powerful system that brings real value to your offerings
  • Quick and painless time to market
  • You have total control over your customers
  • Co-branding/re-branding/white-labelling is possible
  • You get direct access to our team of experts

Benefits for your customers

  • VisionProject is continually improved where your customers continually receive updates
  • VisionProject is a robust, stable and well known product
  • VisionProject has a wide user base with many customers


  • You get access to our team of experts to assist you in your projects
  • You get priority support to get quick access to our technical support
  • Minimum of one year
  • Each VisionProject server license is dedicated for one customer
  • Each unique user requires a user license/account
  • All changes and improvements will be done quickly by experts at Visionera
  • Access to preview/beta servers to review new features before anyone else


Depending on what is greater the following prices are used:

  • Either, a minimum amount per license
    • The retail price for the installed server version x 1,5 (due to benefits previously mentioned)
  • Or, a percentage (%) on the MSRP
    • 50% of the retail price of your offering to the end user
  • And, a minimum purchase of 2 VisionProject servers (with at least 50 individual user licenses) during the first year



Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss what partner program suits you, either by emailing us on or by phone on (EU) +46 771 105000, (US) +1 800 495 9915