Resource allocation

VisionProject supports resource management with important features needed

Proper resource management will help you increase efficiency and get more out of your project organisation. Resource allocation is a central part of all project related operations in large organisations. Efficient processes make it easier for organisations to select and carry out the right projects.

Resource allocation database

Use the Resource Allocation Database to get a full overview of your employees and ongoing issues.

Project managers often want to know how many work hours that are available on a project and how many hours people are assigned to work in what projects. VisionProject will simplify all your project operations within in the organisation and ease the planning. 

Team chat

The team chat makes it easy for you to improve communication internally in your organization while keeping the traceability and logging capability.

Bundled with the chat module is the push functionality that makes data automatically reload/refresh in your client, this is very helpful and makes sure the users doesn’t miss any important new changes.

Anytime and anywhere reporting to resources

You will have access to all your projects anytime, anywhere and can assign tasks and define areas of responsibility easily.

Flexible task and activity tracking

VisionProjcet gives you the ability to view the workload for tasks and activity for individual users and also see if they are under- or over-allocated. 

The product tree contains all connectors

 In VisionFlow, the registry smoothly visusalizes in a searchable product tree. The information about each device is structured in a tab system that makes it easy to distinguish between information of a different character. You can easily connect products and assets with cases, documents, contracts, knowledgebase articles, users, and various templates already defined in the system and used elsewhere. No manual double work with VisionFlow.

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