Customers and testimonials

VisionProject has been selected and successfully used in thousands of projects by customers in more than 40 countries all over the world. See testimonials from some of the customers below here....

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We have find that VisionProject is very very good system. We have tested many similar softwares before and VisionProject is absolutely the best one. We can recommend it to anybody easily.

Janne Tjäder, Partner, Centero Oy, Finland


Our use of VisionProject has from the launch 1.5 years ago grown from a customer support tool to an almost company wide business process tool. It also supports our external interaction with customers and partners globally. This has turned out to be a very versatile and flexible tool which we can adapt for our specific needs in order to manage and share information very effectively. The team behind Visionproject has also proven to be a true partner and to be responsive to our demands.

Magnus Ståhlberg, VP Business Support, Polystar OSIX, Sweden


Within Tranås kommun/municipality we lacked a flexible and reliable system for managing case flow and case tracking. We had a need to quickly and easily see where, in a chain of events, a case were. The solution to our problem was Visionera's tool, VisionProject. VisionProject meets our high expectations and requirements to be able to follow the live case process which we have not been able to do before.

Kjell Pettersson , Data and Development, Tranås kommun , Sweden


As a lead developer I am very satisfied of VisionProject, it helps me and my team keeping all tasks and projects on track. The product is great and the support service is even better, which makes it a great choice for every project manager or team leader.

Amir Habib, CDO,, Ireland


I am really satisfied with VisionProject. Been using it for quite a while now. It definitely does what I need, which is track support tickets in an easy way.

Trapper Markelz,, United States


VisionProject works really great! We have been using it for our tech support instead of Cerberus for 2 months now. We were only using it for our software internal development projects. Vision projects seems to be adaptive for both these needs.

François Gagnon, IT Manager, Canada


We have been using VisionProject extensively for over 3 years now and we are very satisfied with it. The solution keeps evolving in a rapid speed and with it we are capable of managing our smaller and our larger projects. Keep up the good work!

Ferry van de Graaf, Juice, Netherlands


I would like to thank you for a prompt and good support!

Erling S. Skjevrak R&D Manager, AKVA group, Norway


VisionProject has in a positive way totally changed our way of working at the development department. We have been using VisionProject for a year now and can clearly see that we have increased both our quality of product deliverance and delivery precision. By using VisionProject for testing and bug reporting our internal communication channel has been defined

- it's VisionProject.

We use VisionProject daily and we simply can't live without it.

Björn Broberg, Product manager ITLine, Lindab AB, Sweden


We are using VisionProject to handle all kind of projects. It can for example be to implement our ERP system to other countrys or to internal development projects. With VisionProject we get full control and we can easily make a follow-up on each project. It is very easy for our users to report an issue with the integrated "EmailTicket" module. Thanks to the "Workflow" and the "Notification" modules we can keep our user updated what is going on with their issues.

Thobias Gullerstedt, Application Leader, Saint-Gobain Ecophon AB, Sweden


Our experiences with VisionProject so far is that it has worked really well and we are very pleased with the system and your support! It feels like we have chosen the right platform/tool for our issue management.

Göte Andersson, Product Development Manager, NCG Group, Sweden


We really love the tool, keep up the great work!

Neil C. Fennessey, President, Four Mangos, Inc


We have been using VisionProject for testing purposes when developing a new IT-system. I think it is very easy to use and it has an intuitive and good web interface. It is easy to follow-up on issues through graphs and statistics which is very useful. Another great plus is the management of workflows, where it is possible to define rules how an issue should be moved between project members depending on its status.

Johan Friberg, Software developer, Kentor AB, Sweden


Great tool guys! It makes our daily work here at the office so much easier.

John Stangdell, Industrial designer, Xsense Design