About us

VisionProject is developed and owned by Visionera AB, an innovative software company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Visionera AB was founded in 2001 and the development of VisionProject started in 2003.

VisionProject comes in two versions: hosted and installed. The hosted version is hosted at IP-only, a renown co-location centre and network infrastructure provider in Sweden. IP-only currently houses some of the largest and most demanding web sites and internet communities here in Sweden and provides excellent speed, extremely low latency and stability for VisionProject.

Contact information

Address for the company HQ:
Visionera AB
Vegagatan 3
11329 Stockholm

Phone number (EU): +46 771 105000
Fax number (EU): +46 850 109647
Phone number (US): +1 800 495 9915

Email to sales team: sales@onproject.se
Email for general inquires: info@onproject.se
Email to support team: Go to our support center

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